Best Advice On Transforming Your Roof

Since 2003 our team has been actively involved in every single roofing meetup and conference. From these activities, we have built a large following of people who are just as passionate about roofing design as we are. We have thought long and hard about what is the most pressing question our community has about roof design and after 5 minutes we have come to a conclusion. The biggest question is: David, how can I transform my roof to look better?

This might sound strange to some people, but our community is really passionate about making their properties look good by switching things up a bit. And the best way to do that is to change the looks of your roof because let’s face it – it’s the biggest part of your entire property apart from the siding.
This article will be dedicated to helping you guys find creative ways for improving the looks of your roof.


1.     Change The Material of Your Roof

Although this might seem like an expensive way to re-design your house, completely tearing off your roof’s material and replacing it with a new one will have the biggest impact on your property. At first, the idea of replacing your roof might seem scary, but in reality, if you have a trusted roofing company by your side, it is effortless. As experienced roof designers, we highly encourage choosing a completely different material than you had before. This will force you to think out of the box because not only will you be forced not to select the same material again, but get out of your comfort zone and think differently than everybody else in terms of roof design.

2.     Change The Color Scheme of Your Current Roofing Material

This one might be an easier option for those who are not financially ready to replace their entire roof. You can find property designers who will completely re-paint your roof, regardless whether your current material is asphalt shingle, metal or slate. There are so many options out there nowadays in terms of roof color, so not taking advantage of these opportunities would be crazy.



3.     Consider Hiring a Roof Designer To Help You

If you are still not sure whether it would be better to replace your roof altogether or just to change the color scheme of it, it might be better if you would find a person who does this for a living. There are so many roof designers out there but very few people know that this kind of professional exists. The whole idea behind this is that a person who specializes in roof design is trained in discovering what design suits you best, what colors you prefer and most importantly, what roofing material suits your personality the best.

For instance, one of our team members here has decided to completely change the looks of his house and most importantly change how his roof looks. He went the extra mile and converted his roof from a flat, commercial type EPDM roof to a residential slate roof that has a pitch to it. Not only did he do that, but he also found out how to hire a good company to help him choose the best color options because as you might now, slate has so many of them. After 6 months of planning and hard work, his roof looks totally different right now and he is very proud of the decisions he has made along the way. The property looks amazing.

4.     Conclusion

You can re-design your roof multiple ways, but ultimately, it all boils down to your preferences. Whether it would be a re-roof or a color change, don’t forget to post the end result on our website or send us a picture!