Roof Insurance – What You Need To Know

This is probably one of the most unknown topics in the roofing industry. If you’re the average homeowner, you might not be putting too much thought into the insurance part of the roofing project you are trying to do. However, having the right insurance for your roof is extremely important and if you know at least some of the basic things about this subject, it helps tremendously. This is the reason why we have interviewed hundreds of roofing insurance companies that have given us the right information we will use to guide our readers through this process. Although the insurance part of any roofing project can be complicated, we will try to make it as simple and basic as possible.



Insurance Claims For Your Roof and Everything You Need To Know About Them

First of all, do keeping mind that before making any insurance claim, our advice must only be considered as informational because we are not insurance specialists nor should our advice be taken to heart without consulting with an insurance specialist. That being said, every single insurance company has its own set of rules they’ve made up. Especially when it comes to hail damage because according to the latest statistics, over 35% of insurance claims revolve around roof hail damage. That being said, it is not surprising that most insurance companies are now trying to minimize their risk of reimbursing people who have insured themselves by completely renaming this matter into their own artificial terms such as “Hail Damage Coverage Terms”.



What Needs To Be In Place In Order To Make An Insurance Claim

If you have experienced recent damage to your roof, keep in mind that there must be 3 parties in place for the insurance claim to happen:

1. You must be present and available to make the claim
2. The insurance company that you chose must validate it
3. The actual roofing contractor who was responsible for building the roof

If these 3 parties are not in place, the claim cannot happen unless all 3 factors are aligned to support the claim.



What Needs To Be Done For The Roof Insurance Claim To Happen

In order for your roofing damage expenses to be covered, you must get a roof repair estimate from the previous roofing company you did business with or find a new one that is reputable. For this one, you can check out our article on transforming your roof. Secondly, you must find an insurance specialist for him to take care of the next steps which will revolve around getting the first amount of investment that is needed to fix your roof. After that is done, make sure that the contractor starts his work and begins the repair process.



Final Steps That you Must Execute To Take Care of Your Roofing Insurance

Once the roofing contractor starts his work, you must contact the insurance company for them to fully cover the 2nd half of the investment that will be needed to pay the roofing company you hired. The second part of the process is usually way smoother because the initial steps were accomplished by your roofing insurance specialist.