How To Make Your Roof Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendly or so-called “Green Roofs” are gaining more momentum than ever. With the issue of global warming in mind, the average homeowner has gotten more conscientious about doing his best and participating in becoming more eco-friendly not just by avoiding driving his gasoline-powered car when he doesn’t need to, but also by transforming his roof. Today’s topic is very special because we are going to talk about the best methods you can use to make your roof more eco-friendly, giving back to our planet.




Option nr.1: Build a Green Roof For Your Property

You might be thinking: how an eco-friendly roof look like and what does it do? To answer this question correctly, the most popular way to build a nature-friendly roof is to replace your existing one with greenery. Yep, you heard me right. There is an increasing number of property owners who choose to have dirt and plants on their property instead of a metal roof. The best part is that…it kind of works!

See the reason why “green roofs” work is pretty simple. Dirt and plants are great for insulating your property because these elements are dense. Moreover, it allows your roof to be transformed into a place where birds, bugs, and insects can populate. This way, not only do you have an extremely cost-efficient solution that serves as a roof, but you’re also contributing to nature.

The way these roofs are built is pretty simple and straightforward: first, you need to build a strong foundation that would allow dirt and seeds to be poured onto it, making it perfect for growing a small garden. After that is done, all you need to do is look after that small roof garden and make sure it flourishes. One negative effect when it comes to green roofs is that they get damaged easily, so check out our article on how to detect leaks manually.

That being said, you must have a horizontal roof that is not pitched. Green Roofs do not really work on residential properties that have angled roofs.




Option nr.2: Installing Solar Panels on Your Roof

This might be an even more popular option for the average property owners out there. Although this may not directly contribute to building a home for other species like a green roof does, installing solar panels on your roof will help you use the energy of the sun to your advantage. These panels work especially well with metal roofs, so definitely find a company to get them installed If you have one.

See, most properties do not have solar panels installed because it is a huge investment up front. However, what they don’t consider is what will happen in the long-run. Usually, most property owners do make their investment back in a few years time, but that depends on how many solar panels they have installed.



Which Option Is The Best For Making Your Roof More Nature-Friendly?

The decision really boils down to your personal preferences. Ultimately, if you really want to contribute, you should consider building a Green Roof. You will help other species, develop a very cost-efficient solution for your new roof and your property will look very unique. However, if you think that having a garden on your roof is too much, perhaps it makes sense to consider having solar panels installed.