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Roof Insurance – What You Need To Know

This is probably one of the most unknown topics in the roofing industry. If you’re the average homeowner, you might not be putting too much thought into the insurance part of the roofing project you are trying to do. However, having the right insurance for your roof is extremely important and if you know at least some of the basic things about this subject, it helps tremendously. This is the reason why we have interviewed hundreds of roofing insurance companies that have given us the right information we will use to guide our readers through this process. Although the insurance part of any roofing project can be complicated, we will try to make it as simple and basic as possible.



Insurance Claims For Your Roof and Everything You Need To Know About Them

First of all, do keeping mind that before making any insurance claim, our advice must only be considered as informational because we are not insurance specialists nor should our advice be taken to heart without consulting with an insurance specialist. That being said, every single insurance company has its own set of rules they’ve made up. Especially when it comes to hail damage because according to the latest statistics, over 35% of insurance claims revolve around roof hail damage. That being said, it is not surprising that most insurance companies are now trying to minimize their risk of reimbursing people who have insured themselves by completely renaming this matter into their own artificial terms such as “Hail Damage Coverage Terms”.



What Needs To Be In Place In Order To Make An Insurance Claim

If you have experienced recent damage to your roof, keep in mind that there must be 3 parties in place for the insurance claim to happen:

1. You must be present and available to make the claim
2. The insurance company that you chose must validate it
3. The actual roofing contractor who was responsible for building the roof

If these 3 parties are not in place, the claim cannot happen unless all 3 factors are aligned to support the claim.



What Needs To Be Done For The Roof Insurance Claim To Happen

In order for your roofing damage expenses to be covered, you must get a roof repair estimate from the previous roofing company you did business with or find a new one that is reputable. For this one, you can check out our article on transforming your roof. Secondly, you must find an insurance specialist for him to take care of the next steps which will revolve around getting the first amount of investment that is needed to fix your roof. After that is done, make sure that the contractor starts his work and begins the repair process.



Final Steps That you Must Execute To Take Care of Your Roofing Insurance

Once the roofing contractor starts his work, you must contact the insurance company for them to fully cover the 2nd half of the investment that will be needed to pay the roofing company you hired. The second part of the process is usually way smoother because the initial steps were accomplished by your roofing insurance specialist.

Finding Roof Leaks and Cracks Manually

Nobody is happy about finding out that their roof has a leak. But what can you do to prevent it? Do you hire a roofing contractor every 6 months to check your roof? Do you do it manually and try to see if there’s any damage from the ground level? Well, the answer is – it depends. Today, however, we are strictly going to focus on finding roof leaks manually and talk about the early signs of roofing damage. Stay tuned because we are going to talk about a lot of important information that came to us from different roofing contractors across the states.



Finding Roof Leaks Manually – Looking For Damage From The Ground Level

This concept is fairly simple, but most people tend to forget how easy it can be to find and fix roof leaks. If you have a one-story residential property, all you really need to do is inspect your roof from the ground level once in a while. Although this is a very straightforward task, some people tend to ignore it because they simply forget how important roof maintenance is. Truth be told, if you dedicate at least 30 minutes every 3 months for a roof inspection, you will have no problem finding roof damage that will cause the possibility of a leak. Moreover, this simple habit can save you a lot of savings that you would otherwise spend on fixing severe roof damage. Now, hail and sun damage is way harder to spot on metal roofs, so we definitely recommend hiring a metal roofing contractor to do a full inspection for you, instead of doing it yourself.


That being said, not every single person has the circumstances needed to inspect their roof from the ground level. Generally speaking, if you are an experienced roofer, you might have all the safety gear that is needed to climb on the roof, however, if you do not have the experience or equipment that is needed to keep you safe, we do not recommend climbing on your roof.
There are a few other options that are available to you in case you cannot see any roof leaks from the ground level or if your property is simply too big for this kind of activity. We are going to cover them in the next paragraph.


Examining Your Interior For Any Roof Leak Damage

If the option of inspecting your roof from the outside is not available to you, the 2nd thing you can do is inspect your interior. The very first thing you should do if you are expecting a roof leak somewhere is to check the walls and ceilings of every single room in your house. Why? Because when moisture gets through your roof, the first things that it will damage are your walls and ceilings.
The problem with this method though is that if you can clearly see watermarks in the interior portion of your house, it is already too late because your house has been damaged. So we are also going to give you an alternative method you can use to tell if there are any early signs of water damage that was caused by a leaky roof.


That alternative method revolves around checking your room temperature. See, when your roof forms a hole and water starts to go through, your home loses insulation, which causes sudden temperature drops or increases. Therefore, we highly encourage you to monitor your home’s temperature during hot and cold days in order to see, if your property is continuously losing heat.


Checking Your Siding and Attics For Early Signs of Roof Leak Damage

The next important plan of action will revolve around checking your attic and siding for any early signs of roof leak damage. In order to do this correctly, you must enter your attic and see whether the temperature there has risen to high levels. If that’s the case, your roof may be having a hard time ventilating heat due to it being damaged.

On the other hand, the attic should always be the place in your house when the temperature is higher than usual due to it being close to the roof. Therefore, if the temperature in the attic is way below the normal standard, there might be a hole in your roof somewhere.



Finally, it does make sense to check your siding as well. You might be thinking: Siding? How can my siding be damaged due to a leaking roof? Actually, if moisture accumulates in your roof, it will most likely go down its pitched surface, damaging the inner portion of the siding. If you see any of these signs, chances are that you need to hire a professional roofer to take care of your leaky roof.

Determining The Cost of Roof Installation

We are going to talk about a very special topic today. We will explain how you can accurately determine the cost of installing a new roof for your property. See most people tend to think that the cost will fluctuate a lot during the construction of your new roof because they think that it is very hard to say how much time it will take for the project to be finished. That could not be further from the truth, because you can actually figure out these things in advance, without doing too much research yourself.



Hiring a Roofing Contractor Will Be The Biggest Expense

We all know that the total amount of investment it will take for you to hire a solid roofing contractor will consume the biggest part of your budget. That being said, the cost can be changed for the better, because if you have done your research on the best roofers in your town, chances are that they will offer very competitive pricing not only because you’re a new customer to them, but also because they want to get a great review from you. Moreover, you should definitely consider tapping into your network of friends, relatives, and acquaintances in order to ask what kind of roofing company they used.

The roofing contractor you will hire to re-roof and install your house will typically range from $6000-$9000 dollars for the average residential property that has a roof size in between 15-20 squares. That being said, your roof might be smaller/larger so, in order to calculate this correctly, you can say that on average you will pay around $450 per square. Now that you know this, all you have to do is figure out how many square ft. your roof is.

What Kind of Roofing Material Do You Want To Have?

The second biggest determining factor will most certainly be the roofing material you will decide to choose. Most people tend to save money on this step because they don’t really want their upfront investment to be too big. But consider this: if you want to save money on the roofing material, you might as well postpone your roof installation project in the first place, because it is better to invest in quality material that will serve you for a lifetime rather than purchase cheap shingles that will only hold for 5-10 years.
There are a lot of options that you can choose from as far as roofing materials go, but remember that whatever option you choose, you will have to calculate the cost accordingly.

You can choose from:

Asphalt Shingles – the most popular choice for residential properties out there
Slate Tiles – a bit more expensive, but a great long-term solution for your roof
Metal/Steel – great for longevity and the pricing is more flexible as well

In addition to these materials, you can also consider having an eco-friendly roof installed. If you will choose between these 3 popular options most homeowners prefer, all you will have to do in order to figure out the cost of your material is contact the roofing contractor that you will be working with and ask them how much it will be, because they will be responsible for ordering and delivering the material in the first place.


Tear-offs – The Must-Have Expense For Any Current Property

The 3rd factor that you must consider is the amount of investment it will take to tear-off the current material of your roof. This is an additional cost most roofers charge before beginning the project of roof installation. You must keep the price for this in mind because most contractors assume that their customers already know about this. You can use the same equation we have given you for roof installation, but in this instance, it’s how much you will be charged for removing material per foot. Usually, roofing material removal prices are cheaper than installing it.



Roof Size – a Huge Factor That Will Determine The Price

If we had to boil down everything that we consider when calculating the price of a roofing project, one big factor definitely stands out. As we mentioned before, you must get the accurate measurements of your roof in order to accurately determine the price. This can be done by contacting your previous roofing contractor that built the roof or your house designer that was responsible for building the property itself. Hope this helps!

How To Make Your Roof Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendly or so-called “Green Roofs” are gaining more momentum than ever. With the issue of global warming in mind, the average homeowner has gotten more conscientious about doing his best and participating in becoming more eco-friendly not just by avoiding driving his gasoline-powered car when he doesn’t need to, but also by transforming his roof. Today’s topic is very special because we are going to talk about the best methods you can use to make your roof more eco-friendly, giving back to our planet.




Option nr.1: Build a Green Roof For Your Property

You might be thinking: how an eco-friendly roof look like and what does it do? To answer this question correctly, the most popular way to build a nature-friendly roof is to replace your existing one with greenery. Yep, you heard me right. There is an increasing number of property owners who choose to have dirt and plants on their property instead of a metal roof. The best part is that…it kind of works!

See the reason why “green roofs” work is pretty simple. Dirt and plants are great for insulating your property because these elements are dense. Moreover, it allows your roof to be transformed into a place where birds, bugs, and insects can populate. This way, not only do you have an extremely cost-efficient solution that serves as a roof, but you’re also contributing to nature.

The way these roofs are built is pretty simple and straightforward: first, you need to build a strong foundation that would allow dirt and seeds to be poured onto it, making it perfect for growing a small garden. After that is done, all you need to do is look after that small roof garden and make sure it flourishes. One negative effect when it comes to green roofs is that they get damaged easily, so check out our article on how to detect leaks manually.

That being said, you must have a horizontal roof that is not pitched. Green Roofs do not really work on residential properties that have angled roofs.




Option nr.2: Installing Solar Panels on Your Roof

This might be an even more popular option for the average property owners out there. Although this may not directly contribute to building a home for other species like a green roof does, installing solar panels on your roof will help you use the energy of the sun to your advantage. These panels work especially well with metal roofs, so definitely find a company to get them installed If you have one.

See, most properties do not have solar panels installed because it is a huge investment up front. However, what they don’t consider is what will happen in the long-run. Usually, most property owners do make their investment back in a few years time, but that depends on how many solar panels they have installed.



Which Option Is The Best For Making Your Roof More Nature-Friendly?

The decision really boils down to your personal preferences. Ultimately, if you really want to contribute, you should consider building a Green Roof. You will help other species, develop a very cost-efficient solution for your new roof and your property will look very unique. However, if you think that having a garden on your roof is too much, perhaps it makes sense to consider having solar panels installed.

Best Advice On Transforming Your Roof

Since 2003 our team has been actively involved in every single roofing meetup and conference. From these activities, we have built a large following of people who are just as passionate about roofing design as we are. We have thought long and hard about what is the most pressing question our community has about roof design and after 5 minutes we have come to a conclusion. The biggest question is: David, how can I transform my roof to look better?

This might sound strange to some people, but our community is really passionate about making their properties look good by switching things up a bit. And the best way to do that is to change the looks of your roof because let’s face it – it’s the biggest part of your entire property apart from the siding.
This article will be dedicated to helping you guys find creative ways for improving the looks of your roof.


1.     Change The Material of Your Roof

Although this might seem like an expensive way to re-design your house, completely tearing off your roof’s material and replacing it with a new one will have the biggest impact on your property. At first, the idea of replacing your roof might seem scary, but in reality, if you have a trusted roofing company by your side, it is effortless. As experienced roof designers, we highly encourage choosing a completely different material than you had before. This will force you to think out of the box because not only will you be forced not to select the same material again, but get out of your comfort zone and think differently than everybody else in terms of roof design.

2.     Change The Color Scheme of Your Current Roofing Material

This one might be an easier option for those who are not financially ready to replace their entire roof. You can find property designers who will completely re-paint your roof, regardless whether your current material is asphalt shingle, metal or slate. There are so many options out there nowadays in terms of roof color, so not taking advantage of these opportunities would be crazy.



3.     Consider Hiring a Roof Designer To Help You

If you are still not sure whether it would be better to replace your roof altogether or just to change the color scheme of it, it might be better if you would find a person who does this for a living. There are so many roof designers out there but very few people know that this kind of professional exists. The whole idea behind this is that a person who specializes in roof design is trained in discovering what design suits you best, what colors you prefer and most importantly, what roofing material suits your personality the best.

For instance, one of our team members here has decided to completely change the looks of his house and most importantly change how his roof looks. He went the extra mile and converted his roof from a flat, commercial type EPDM roof to a residential slate roof that has a pitch to it. Not only did he do that, but he also found out how to hire a good company to help him choose the best color options because as you might now, slate has so many of them. After 6 months of planning and hard work, his roof looks totally different right now and he is very proud of the decisions he has made along the way. The property looks amazing.

4.     Conclusion

You can re-design your roof multiple ways, but ultimately, it all boils down to your preferences. Whether it would be a re-roof or a color change, don’t forget to post the end result on our website or send us a picture!

Everything About Residential Metal Roofing Companies

For those who haven’t been following our website right from the beginning, chances are that you are not aware of the terminology that is used in the roofing industry. There are so many professional words that are used to describe the work that most roofers do such as residential, commercial, flat, pitched, fascia and so on. Today, we are going to cover the topic of what exactly do residential metal roofing contractors do? Also, we are going to talk about what exactly does their work involve and how do you deal with metal materials. Let’s not waste any time.


What Are Residential Roofing Companies and What Do They Do?

There are two main categories that roofing specialists can be put into. That’s residential and commercial. In order to explain this term in simple words, residential experts only work on personal properties such as family homes, vacation homes and other properties that most homeowners live in. Their job is to take care of your personal property’s roof. Now, when it comes to commercial, these types of professionals only work on business properties, apartment complexes and other properties that are used for business. Today, however, we are going to talk about residential roofers specifically.


How About Metal Roofers That Work On Residential Properties?

If you are eager to find out how professionals work with sturdy roofing materials such as metal and steel, we can give you an accurate explanation. Experts who mostly install metal roofs are more expensive than those who mostly work with shingles, tiles or slate material. This is because metal is an expensive material to install on a residential property. Moreover, it also requires you to hire very experienced experts. If you are in the area of Cedar Rapids, then you should get an estimate from these Cedar Rapids roofing contractors because they offer great warranties for their metal materials.



When it comes to the actual work these professionals do, everything starts with inspecting your property and making sure it will be suitable for the work that will be done. After that is done and the measurements are taken, the company you are working with usually orders the metal material for you. Now, depending on what kind of metal you ordered and what color you chose, the material is usually delivered to your property within 1-2 weeks. Once that is done, the roofers can get to work. The average metal roofing project can take anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks to complete, depending on how large your property is and how difficult it will be to install the material of your choice.


How Do You Hire a Professional of This Type?

We have covered this topic in-depth on our other articles, but all you have to do is find roofers who are near your location, see their work examples, testimonials and most importantly get in touch with at least 3 references that could tell you about their experience. The process of hiring a company that could handle your roofing project is very simple, but the more research you do, the more successful you will be in terms of hiring a true expert that could get the job done right.